Synthetic engine lubricant 5w30 0w30 and 5w40

Car Synthetic Engine Oil

Auto synthetic motor lubricant is defined as all those lubricants that are produced with synthetic bases . The main bases used for the production of synthetic lubricants are the following: Esteri, Pao, Pag and in the last 4 years the GTL bases. The synthetic bases, thanks to their characteristics, give engine oils superior characteristics compared to normal mineral based car lubricants. It is important to understand that the choice of the quality of the base with which an engine oil is formulated is very important since it represents 95% of the product while the additives are only worth 5%

Why choose a synthetic auto engine oil?

The synthetic oil 5w30 5w40 or 5w30 always stands out for its high viscosity index . This parameter indicates how the viscosity of the oil changes as the temperature changes, the higher this number the more the viscosity does not change as the temperature changes. In practical terms what does this mean? A better fluidity and therefore better performance of the engine oil in cold starts (up to 30% of engine wear are caused in cold starts); greater resistance to high temperatures and therefore less evaporation of the lubricant with consequent less topping up during the oil change interval; better resistance to oxidation with a longer life of the lubricant which translates into the possibility of carrying out longer oil change intervals; possibility of formulating a 0w30 or 5w30 engine oil grade with important benefits in terms of fuel economy .

Use 5w30 oil or 5w40 oil?

With 5w30 the viscosity of the lubricant is identified which is sae 5w in cold ( w = winter ) and sae 30 in hot, a 5w40 lubricant therefore always has a cold viscosity sae 5w and instead a hot viscosity sae 40. Once upon a time there were only unigrade oils but now there are only multigrade oils. The choice of viscosity is important and must take into account the specifications dictated by the engine manufacturer and the external temperature. An oil must always be sufficiently viscous to always maintain a thread of lubricant between the two surfaces, if we choose too high a viscosity , friction and heat are generated and therefore a loss of power, if the oil viscosity is too low , wear and heat are generated with a shorter engine life, so the difference between a 5w40 engine oil and a 5w 30 oil is only a difference in viscosity at high temperatures.

Attention the viscosity never represents the quality of the lubricant.

Synthetic motor oil price

The price of a synthetic auto lubricant depends on different variables: Brand, Specifications, viscosity and base used. In our spare parts lubricant shop you will find synthetic oils of the best brands for sale online at the best price on the web. Search our catalog for 5w30 engine oil prices.