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Auto sanitation

What is car sanitation

In this emergency period due to the Coronavirus epidemic, it is important for those who have to use the car to sanitize the car. Due to Covid -19 the car has become the safest means of travel because it guarantees social distancing, in fact the car is used by members of the same family group.

We must not forget that the car is a small environment where it is impossible to stay at due distance. The parts that are most contaminated are the steering wheel, and the dashboard because they are close to the mouth and the gearbox and the buttons because they are touched with the hands.

In addition to the sanitizing of the car interiors, the i genization of the air conditioning system is important.

Self sanitizing serves to eliminate bacteria and viruses by eliminating those organic and inorganic deposits that form inside it.

How to sanitize the machine?

L 'sanitizing or sanitizing car is a thorough cleaning process which, through the use of specific products and devices, allows to disinfect and decontaminate accurately the vehicle interior. In this way, bacteria, mites, germs, impurities of various kinds, allergens and bad smells are eradicated, making the passenger compartment healthier and safer for the health of the driver and passengers. Therefore, a simple car interior washing is not enough.

The first step for proper car sanitation is cleaning the seats. These are the part of the interior of the passenger compartment with which passengers come into greater contact.

The cleaning of the seats starts with the use of a vacuum cleaner and the removal of surface dirt (crumbs, dust ect ..) taking care to act in depth even in the most difficult areas. Once this is done, clean the dashboard, gearbox and other plastic parts. car air conditioner sanitizer It is recommended to use an alcohol-based self-sanitizing medical surgical aid with a% greater than 70%.

Ozone auto sanitation

There is also the possibility of sanitizing the car with ozone. Ozone, in fact, has been recognized by the Ministry of Health (PROTOCOL N. 24482 OF 31 JULY 1996) natural medical device for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, etc.

For example, bacteria die if they are exposed for 20 minutes to an Ozone concentration of at least 2 ppm (parts per million) while Viruses need a concentration of at least 4 ppm for 20 minutes.

For auto ozone sanitization it takes on average 30 minutes to saturate the passenger compartment with 4 ppm of ozone and maintain this concentration for at least 20 minutes.

In fact, a sanitizing treatment for all systems does not exist for air conditioning systems, we then recommend replacing the passenger compartment filter and sanitizing with sanitizing car air conditioning. There are 2 types of hygienic car air conditioning: Spray or foam.

The foam products have fallen into disuse because their use can damage some control units present in the euto.

An auto climate sanitized sray is very simple to use and it is an operation that we can also do alone. In fact, it is sufficient to start the machine and turn on the air conditioning to maximum with the recirculation function.

Place the can of sanitizer for car air conditioners on the ground in the center. Fully press the button until it locks in the completely empty position, exit the passenger compartment and close the doors. Wait for the cylinder to empty completely and leave to act for at least 15 minutes.

There is no better sanitized car air conditioner but it is important to carry out the procedure correctly, choose a product with the initials medical surgical device or a formulated based on anhydrous ethanol (alcohol content> 75 °).

Car sanitization has therefore become a fundamental operation for the safety and well-being of the motorist. Discover our offers on the car air conditioning sanitizer or the Ozone generator for car interior sanitation.