fuel additive for petrol and diesel engines

Fuel additive

In our auto parts store you will find the complete range of fuel additive for Diesel and Petrol engines.

Why use diesel additives?

The new formulation of diesel fuel with an increasing percentage of Biodiesel has made it necessary to use diesel additives inside car engines to prevent the formation of algae and fungi. As well as the introduction of the Fap-DPF filter very often, for those motorists who use the car especially in the city and for short distances, it has been necessary to use diesel additive to clean the particulate filter or additive to clean diesel injectors. . Diesel fuel additives can be used to increase the number of cetanes and improve engine performance.

Why use a petrol additive?

Petrol engines are less problematic than diesel engines. A petrol fuel additive is mainly used for cleaning the fuel system and cleaning the injectors. To increase the octane number of petrol and improve engine performance.

What is the best diesel additive or the best petrol additive?

Today there are different additive manufacturing companies on the market such as Rothen, Bardahl, Tunap, Liqui Moly ect .. The motorist very often finds himself in difficulty in understanding which is the best product? The real difficulty, however, is which is the best suitable additive for the solution of its problem, in fact each product is designed to solve or prevent a particular defect in the engine or fuel system. Contact us describe the defect of your car and one of our technicians will support you in choosing the best additive suitable for your need.

Best additive price

Discover all our offers on diesel and petrol additives, we have the complete catalog of Tunap, Bardahl, Roten ect in our portfolio.