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Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 (SN / CF A3 / B4) - 1 liter can

High performance low viscosity oil for car engines

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Shell Helix Ultra 0W-40 - Synthetic-technology with high performance low viscosity oil for car engines


Shell Helix Ultra is an all-oil, low viscosity synthetic-technology for car engines. Suitable for all conditions of use and temperatures, it covers the oil change regulation of all engine developers with a high safety margin.


Unconventional base oils guarantee thermal stability, good cold properties and an excellent viscosity-temperature ratio.
Furthermore, the use of highly effective additives, friction that lowering the clutch, ensuring reduced fuel consumption - compared to usual multifunctional oils - and therefore a reduction in harmful emissions. The fuel saving potential remains unchanged throughout the period of use, even in non-ideal driving conditions.

Of course, Shell Helix Ultra can measure up to all thermal and mechanical challenges, which could appear in compact, high-performance, cutting-edge car engines. Powerful dispersing additives guarantee a perfect dispersion of combustion residues, ashes, and dirt particles in the oil, which combines with the high stability to aging for a safe protection and the formation of black sludge and deposits on the pistons and valves aspiration.
Shell Helix Ultra distinguished itself by its extraordinary wear protection. Its low temperature properties are ensured by rapid lubrication of all components, avoiding wear during the cold season. The guilt with the elastomers used in the construction of the engine is guaranteed, while the functionality of the oxygen sensor and the catalyst is not affected.

Approvals and Specifications

Exceeds specifications:

  • ACEA A3 / B3 / B4
  • API SM / CF

Manufacturer approvals:

  • MB-Freigabe 229.5
  • BMW Longlife-01
  • VW 502 00/505 00
  • Renault RN700 / RN710
  • Porsche A40

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