Lubricant and Industrial Greases


The lubricant is a fundamental element of many production processes, the main purpose of industrial lubricants is generally to reduce the friction between two bodies moving between them, creating a thin film of lubricant. The task of lubricating oil is therefore to reduce friction and consequently wear and heat. The increase in energy costs and the development of new technologies for the formulation of the industrial lubricant has allowed the production of new lubricants that also allow important energy savings. The formulation of the industrial lubricant is made from the base oil which can be mineral or synthetic equal about 95% and additives to the extent of 5%. The main difficulty is balancing the additivation package based on the needs of the application of the different types of industries

There are different types of lubricating oils for industrial:

Hydraulic oil :

They are used in the hydraulic controls of construction machinery, industrial plants, presses, etc. They differ in hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil with a viscosity index (HV). This is a very important parameter for those applications where hydraulic oil is subjected to high temperatures, We sell Iso VG 32 Iso VG 46 Iso VG 68 Iso VG 100 hydraulic oil of the best brands such as Shell - Mobil - Fuchs - Castrol as the family of Shell Tellus or Mobil Nuto.

Compressor Oil

Where the main families are lubricants for rotary or piston compressors, the main challenge is to increase the life of the lubricant.

Oil sled guides:

fundamental in the metal working industries for the lubrication of machine tool guides, their main quality must be the ability to separate from the emulsion

Industrial gear oil

The resistance to Service Kit and to EP loads, resistance to odysing and compatibility with gaskets are fundamental characteristics for this family of industrial lubricating oil

Motor oil Bio gas:

These lubricants are used in engines that do not use conventional fuels but fuel from landfill gas or animal manure. They are characterized by a very high TBN to counteract the formation of acids that occurs during combustion.

Industrial lubricants

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Lubricant cost

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Shell Tellus S2 V 32 20 liter bucket
VAT included
Shell Tellus S2 V 32 20 liter bucketOlio Idraulico ShellShell Tellus S2 VX sono fluidi idraulici ad alte prestazioni, formulati con basi del gruppo II, in grado di garantire protezione e prestazioni straordinarie in un ampio campo di temperature. Resistono al degrado termico e alle sollecitazioni meccaniche e sono teoricamente idonei per tutte le apparechciature mobili ed altre applicazioni soggette ad un più ampio intervallo di temperature ambiente ed operativeSoddisfa le seguenti specifiche e Norme•   Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E•   ISO 11158 (fluidi HV)  •   DIN 51524 Parte 3 Tipo HVLP •   ASTM D6158 (fluidi HV)•   MB-Approval 347.0  Industrial Hydraulic Fluids for wide temperature range
Shell Corena S2 P 150 20 liter bucket
VAT included
Lubricant for Shell Corena S2 P 150 piston compressors The range of Shell Corena oils for air compressors has been developed to allow you to choose the right lubricant, able to guarantee the best economic result for your activities, thanks to a better protection against wear, to the long life of the oil and to the high efficiency of the system. A range developed in close collaboration with customers and equipment manufacturers. Different industrial sectors can benefit from a reliable and safe Shell lubrication that enhances their activities.