The car roof rack is a useful car accessory for those who often travel with their car. In fact, it allows you to transport objects, luggage and sports equipment that cannot be stowed in the car trunk or because they are too large or simply because there is no more space available.Overloading your luggage excessively can create safety risks. This is why having car roof bars at hand can eliminate a series of logistical and practical problems, but also related to the driver's peace of mind, who can thus face the journey with greater serenity.

The most practical car parcel rack that we can find on the market are those that are mounted directly on the roof bars of our car and are very convenient for carrying excess luggage, suitcases or even mountain bikes and canoes. In general, universal car racks are suitable for any type of car, but there are also cases in which these fit better with some models than others.

What is the first thing to consider before buying your car roof rack?

Always check how the roof of your machine is made both in terms of compliance and width.If the roof has profiles, you will only need the bars and a set of feet. If the roof, on the other hand, is without profiles, other specific accessories will also be needed.

The different types of car roofs are:

  • normal roofs
  • roofs with profiles
  • roofs with fixed points
  • roofs with integrated profiles

If the roof of your car is normal, has fixed points or integrated profiles, you will need specific accessories to fix the roof rack.
Usually the roof racks are always combined with roof bars (roof bars).