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Car service

Contact us and send us your booklet to choose your coupon for car maintenance. Our kits are made up of the best brands of filters and engine oil. You can then choose between filters such as Bosch, Mann Filter, Tecnocar, Wix Filter and the best brands of lubricants such as Castrol, Mobil, Shell, Bardhal and Petronas. Cutting cars every now and again The staff of our auto parts store will help you find the right spare parts for your car and in case of errors do not worry we will replace the product.

Car cutting how often to do it?

The coupon is a periodic car maintenance operation which is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in the use and maintenance manual. Generally, the trend in recent years is to check every 15,000 km or a year or every 30,000 km or 2 years.Replacing the filters is important, for example a clogged air filter leads to greater fuel consumption and possible damage to the EGR valve. The oil change interval is generally between 15,000 and 30,000 km, exceeding these mileages can cause serious damage to the engine, for example: Turbine breakage Clogging of the Fap - DPF filter Noisy distribution chain.

Choosing the right oil?

The choice of oil viscosity must be made on the basis of the manufacturer and the external temperatures of use of the engine. It is also important to respect the oil specifications indicated, these are just some of the most common:

VW 504/507 of the Audi group VW MB 229.51 -229.52 for the Daimler Mercedes Bmw LL04 group for BMW Acea C4 - RN 0720 cars for Renault - Mazda Ford cars WSS-M2C934-B; ACEA C1. Jaguar Land Rover STJLR.03.5005. Fiat 955535.GS1 and Fiat 955535.DS1 for the latest models of the Fiat group.

First car service and subsequent

Whether it is the first new car service or a used car, you can always buy the parts for your car from our auto parts store. To carry out the auto warranty service, you must be sure to buy original or approved spare parts according to the manufacturer's specifications. If you do not find the brands you prefer, contact us and we will create your custom engine oil and filter change kit. Our highly specialized staff will always recommend the right engine oil for your car, based on the manufacturer's specifications with the correct oil change interval. The car coupon when to do it? It is always advisable to follow the instructions of the parent company, the trend of the last few years is to make the car coupons every 15.000 / 20.000 Km.

Car coupon cost?

Car coupons unbeatable costs, this is our philosophy. The cost of the machine coupon depends on the choice of the brand of filters and lubricants. Proper maintenance of your car allows you to prolong the life and efficiency of the engine and to avoid higher repair costs. The price of the car service is always much lower than the costs of damage caused by poor maintenance. Even during the warranty period you can contact any center to carry out the car service, so you are also free to evaluate the expense to be faced on the basis of the operations to be carried out. And in this case the competition will do its dirty job, that is, within the market ogi workshop or auto parts, perhaps to try to grab the customer will try to charm him with lower prices. But we must also pay attention to the quality that in any case must be respected and to the use of original or equivalent spare parts in order not to lose the warranty on the car.

Request a car coupon quote, call us and send us your booklet or license plate of your car. We will take care of the rest of your car coupon kit. Browse our categories where we have already included the kits for the most popular cars such as: alfa 147, golf 5, alfa 159, peugeot 308, Fiat Panda 1.3 multijet, Ford Fiest, Audi A3, Audi A4, Jeep Renegade, BMW 320.

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