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Why buy your auto parts online from our shop?

There are many internet sites for selling auto parts online, all of them claim to have the best price on the web, fast deliveries ect ... But is this enough? We at LubricantiRicambi think not! In addition to a vast assortment, excellent value for money and speed in deliveries, we believe that the fundamental elements for selling a spare part online are:

  • Expertise that allows us to suggest the right spare part suited to your needs and your car
  • Professionalism we work only with official suppliers that allow us to offer you the best original spare parts
  • Reliability, each of our sales of a spare part is always accompanied by the receipt or invoice
  • Reliability, our spare parts shop was born over 30 years ago always with the same company name and VAT number
  • Simplicity, use the search by number plate and locate all the spare parts for your car

It is easy to find the right component for your car

In three simple steps you can buy a new spare part on LubricantsRicambi:

  • manually select the vehicle from our car list or by entering the license plate number
  • Select the matching accessories and spare parts The offers and prices of the different suppliers can now be conveniently compared and filtered according to need
  • Choose the best offer and order it.

These are the reasons why you should buy your auto spare part from our auto parts shop

Are you looking for an additive?

In our online spare parts shop you can find:

Fuel additive for diesel and petrol:

both diesel additive and petrol additive of the best brands such as Rothen, Tunap, Bardahl and many others. Do you want advice on which additive to use? Contact us one of our technicians will help you.

Fap additive - DPF:

Additives for cleaning the particulate filter and the diesel fuel system that reduce the formation of particulates to increase the life of the DPF filter. Among our products you will find the Bardahl Top diesel or Arexons Cleaner Fap - Dpf.

Car battery sale

Does your car not start?

Find the battery for your car. We have batteries from major manufacturers such as Bosch, Exide, Fiamm, Mopar, Varta. We only sell batteries made within the last 4 months. Read the amperage and dimensions of the batteries mounted on your car and discover our offers.

Wiper blades

The rain has come! it's time to change your wiper blades. Don't risk buying a high quality product like Bosch or Valeo.

Wiper blades are an important component for the safety of you and your loved ones. If you have doubts about the chosen item, contact us via chat or email and we will help you.

Is it time to get a car service?

The service is a periodic operation essential for the care of the engine of your car. We have over 5,000 car service kits already on offer for you. If you can't find the right one, contact us by sending a copy of your car registration document and we'll send you a quote in a few minutes.

Are you looking for the right engine oil for your car?

Not sure which engine oil is right for your car? Do you want advice on which lubricant to choose based on your driving style and the kilometers traveled annually, write in chat and a technician from our spare parts shop will answer you. He will explain to you why to use a 5w30 oil or 10w40 motor oil, what are the benefits and how to make the choice.

Look for your favorite brand of motor oil such as Castrol, Shell, Mobil, Selenia, Bardahl and many more.

Brake pads and discs?

Has the brake wear warning light come on in the dashboard of the car or do you hear strange noises and the brake pedal vibrate when braking? Then it's time to replace the brake pads and your brake discs.

With a visual inspection you can check the condition of the pads and your brake discs and decide if you need to change them both, generally the discs are changed every 2 times you change the pads. Here you can find brake discs and pads kits from the best brands such as Brembo, Ate, Textar, Bendix and many others.

clutch kit and flywheel

Clutch kit and flywheel for your car at unbeatable prices. We only sell spare parts from the best brands such as Valeo and Luk.

Lubrificantiricambi spare parts your online auto parts store at the best online price

Buying auto parts online from us is simple and safe, our assistance service will help you find the right spare part for your car. Lubrificantiricambi spare parts auto parts online at the best price

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