Paraflu, radiator liquid for your machine of the best brands


Paraflu, look for radiator fluid for your car

By paraflu we mean the liquid present in the cooling circuit of the machine. The main task of the coolant is to lower the freezing point of the water present in the cooling circuit, prevent the formation of rust and counteract the phenomenon of galvanic currents


Engine coolant has become a key component of your car. The new engines often have aluminum components such as the water pump or the engine head itself. The contact between the aluminum and the cast iron with which the monoblock is made generates a difference in potential which is accentuated by the passage of the cooling liquid. With these new engines it is essential to choose the right paraflu.

Paraflu red or blue?

In old generation engines you can safely use the blue antifreeze, in new generation engines with aluminum components to prevent damage to the galvanic currents that can go to puncture cylinders and heads you must absolutely use the red antifreeze or the one prescribed by the car manufacturer.

In the event that the cooling circuit of the machine has been without liquid antifreeze for several years before using it again, it is always advisable to consult a mechanic. In fact, re-entering the liquid for radiators risks to highlight a whole series of micro-leaks in the cooling circuit.

Percentage of paraflu to use?

It is always advisable to comply with what is indicated on the cans of the antifreeze manufacturer, it is also important to know that increasing the percentage of paraflu in the water does not improve performance but exceeding 50% of the mixture definitely worsens them.

Paraflu offer

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