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Automatic gearbox

Automatic market trend change

High-speed CVT, DCT and AT automatic transmissions will drive the growth of automatic transmissions in the coming years.

In the past, the European car market did not like automatic transmissions due to the high fuel consumption compared to cars equipped with manual transmission.

The new CVT, DCT and AT production technologies have made it possible to design even utility vehicles with automatic transmission without penalties in terms of consumption.

Automatic transmission how it works:

The automatic gearbox performs the same function as the manual gearbox, inside there are devices that change the gear according to the rpm reached by the engine. Cars with automatic transmission offer superior driving comfort compared to those with manual transmission due to the absence of the clutch pedal.

The driver will only use his right foot to accelerate and brake while he can safely rest his left foot. The greatest comfort is certainly felt while driving on a busy road with many stop and go.

The different types of automatic transmission

In recent years, 3 different automatic gearbox models have been developed:

AT automatic transmission: are generally 6-9 speed automatic transmissions mainly used by BMW, Mercedes, GM and Ford

Double-clutch DCT automatic transmission: these are automatic transmissions equipped with a double clutch. One clutch is dedicated for even gears, the other for odd gears and both are connected to two transmission shafts that rotate simultaneously.

This gearbox model guarantees a very fast shifting speed as well as a very high level of comfort. They are 5-7 speed gearboxes generally used by Audi - Volkswagen.

Continuously variable CVT automatic transmission : it is equipped with a pair of pulleys around which a belt is wound. According to the number of revolutions of the engine, the pulleys move by varying the diameter of the belt.Used mainly by Toyota.

The robotic gearbox deserves a mention, which is not an automatic gearbox but a manual gearbox for which the selection and engagement of the gears takes place in automatic motion by means of a robot.

Some typical problems of automatic transmission

  • Noisiness
  • Problems shifting gears
  • Slip
  • Bad smell

In most cases, all of these problems can be traced back to automatic transmission oil.

The loss of oil viscosity due to high temperatures or excessive dirt can cause these defects. It is also essential to always use the gear oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Automatic transmission maintenance

Maintenance involves replacing the automatic transmission oil and automatic transmission filter. Generally, you can proceed in two ways:

Replacement of the gearbox oil and filter but in this case about 30% of the oil can remain inside as in the torque converter. It is the classic standard intervention that is not very expensive for the motorist

Washing of the automatic gearbox . It is a complete operation which involves the replacement of 100% of the oil and greater final cleaning. It is a premium intervention with a higher cost for the motorist.

Maintenance is generally scheduled between 60,000 km and 90.00 km, not carrying out it involves higher fuel consumption and the possibility of the automatic transmission breaking.

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There are different types of ATF oil for automatic transmissions, filters and even complete maintenance kits.

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