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0w20 identifies a new family of superfluid lubricants. They have a viscosity of sae 0w when cold and sae 20 when hot.

Oil 0w20 features

These lubricants were born to meet the new needs of Euro 6 engines. Their use guarantees better protection in cold starts, high protection of the FAP - DPF particulate filter; increase in fuel economy.

A 0w2o oil guarantees a reduction of the frictions of all the internal components of the engine but at the same time a high cut resistance. This has been achieved with a new viscosity measurement which is the HTHS (High Temperature High Share) viscosity. It represents the dynamic viscosity at high temperature, high rotation and high shear stresses.

It is a property of the 0w20 lubricant which is representative of what happens in plain bearings. With a high HTHS viscosity there is a high thickness of the protective film, and therefore a good protection of the moving parts, but also a substantial energy loss due to internal friction. With a low HTHS viscosity, on the other hand, there is a thin thickness of the protective film and therefore a very low energy loss due to internal friction, but the risk of surface wear increases.

0w20 oils have a dynamic viscosity at high temperatures (HTHS) high enough to protect the components from shear stresses.

Almost all manufacturers of hybrid cars such as Toyota, Ford engines and the latest generation diesel engines recommend the use of a 0w20 oil.

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