Fap-Dpf additive

Filtro Fap

FAP filter - DPF

The regulations for issues Euro 4 -5 -6

In recent years, European regulations on exhaust gas emissions have become increasingly stringent and in particular on PPMs more properly known as fine particles. Cars that meet the Euro regulations   4 - 5 -6 are all equipped with a FAP -DPF filter. The Fap is an exhaust gas post-treatment system and is placed after the muffler catalytic converter. Its main task is to reduce particulate emissions or all those microscopic residues derived from the combustion of diesel fuel commonly known as PM10.

How does the FAP filter work?

The particulate filter as mentioned is located downstream of the catalyst   , is composed of a metal casing inside which there is a ceramic filter equipped with channels and alveolar cells, which have the task of retaining the particulates. In its operation the FAP - DPF filter tends to become saturated (every 300 -1000 km depending on the car and the type of route). For this reason an automatic regeneration system has been created that eliminates PM10 particles thanks to the help of a diesel fuel post-injection. This regeneration process takes place with a post-injection of diesel in the phase of unloading the gases, the diesel oil reaches the Fap filter wets it and at 400 ° C it ignites, transforming the PM10 particles into PM 2.5 and cleaning the filter.

Filtro Fap Intasato

Fap filter -DPF problems

The FAP - DPF filter is managed by an electronic control system that monitors its operation and any anomalies. These occur mainly on vehicles that mainly use urban routes and short journeys during which the filter does not have the possibility to reach the temperature necessary to complete the regeneration. When the filter becomes clogged a maintenance warning light will come on - damage to the dashboard. On some car models, the regeneration processes caused the injection of post-injection diesel into the oil pair. This meant that after 5000 / 10,000 km the engine failure warning light would come on due to an excessive amount of lubricant in the oil sump. the real problem, however, was that one part was lubricating and the other was drawn diesel. The presence of diesel in the oil is one of the main enemies of the bushes.

New Lubricants for FAP -DPF

Diesel engines equipped with FAP -DPF must be lubricated with a new family of engine oils, in fact for these engines new specifications have been created for the ACEA C1 C2 C3 C4. Each of these specifications indicates a specific application of the oil, generally the ACEA C1 is dedicated to Ford engines   - Mazda, the C4 for Renault engines   , the ACEA C2 - C3 for the cars of the AUDI engines - VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES - BENZ. FIAT, LANCIA, ALFAROMEO, PEUGET ECT.

Clogged FAP -DPF cleaning

A first solution if the warning light comes on is to drive the car for about 30 minutes on the highway, this facilitates the regeneration processes by completing them all and facilitating the cleaning of the filter. If this solution does not work, there are additives for cleaning of the FAP - DPF filter some that enter the diesel fuel and others with cleaning kits that enter directly into the FAP. In the event that even these solutions fail, it only remains to replace it, also because removing it would no longer allow the car to pass the revision and is a criminal offense given that other than what is stated in the car's registration document.