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Car wipers are a fundamental element for your safety, imagine driving at night with a thunderstorm and not being able to see the road well is certainly a very dangerous situation that puts your life and that of your loved ones at risk if you live an experience of course you will know that it is time to replace the wiper blades.

The wiper blades (windshield wipers) should be replaced once a year because, especially in summer, the high heat induces the rubber of the wiper blade, compromising its performance. Buy your wiper blades on Lubricants. Replace your online auto parts store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Discover our offers for your wiper blades, compare them with other online stores and surely ours is the best price on the web.

When to replace car brushes?

If you notice any of these signs it is time to replace the wiper blades (windscreen wiper)

Noisy wiper

If the wiper blades have become noisy it is the clearest sign that it is time to change the wiper blades. The redness indicates that the windshield wiper no longer adheres well to the glass and therefore vibrates making noise. This noise is more intense at low speeds while decreasing at high speeds but the windscreen does not clean well.

Dirty windshield

All kinds of dirt end up on the windscreen, when the wiper blades have worn out they no longer clean the windscreen reducing the visibility of the driver.

The wiper blade washer

To increase the life of the wiper blade it is important to check the condition of the rubber pad and clean it every 3 months. Exposure to sunlight, changes in temperature and the accumulation of dirt on the windshield can damage it by creating cracks. When a visual impression reveals cracks on the windshield wiper blade the time has come to replace them.

How to replace the wiper blades?

Changing the wiper blades is a quick and easy operation that we can all do in a few minutes. Buy your windshield wipers on our auto parts store. Lubricants.

The best wiper blades (windscreen wipers)

Bosch wipers are recognized as the best brushes on the market, in particular the Bosch Aerotwin wiper model is the most innovative on the market. Indeed Bosch auto parts is always avant-garde for innovation and technology

Brushes Bosch 3 397 006 837 RENAULT SYMBOL I (LB0 / 1 / 2_), THALIA I (LB0 / 1 / 2_)
Brushes Bosch 3 397 006 837 RENAULT SYMBOL I (LB0 / 1 / 2_), THALIA I (LB0 / 1 / 2_) Fitting Position: Front | Fitting side: driver side Manufacturer Part Number: 3 397 006 837 Producer: Bosch Ean product code: 4047025120623 Length: 600 mm Product Line: Bosch AeroTwin Type of fastening: MA2.3 Number of brushes: single Mounting side: Front Drive side: Right left