Additive for cars and industry

Additive for cars and industry

Because the additive

The additive performs an increasingly important function in modern engines which are increasingly required to perform, while respecting the increasingly restrictive regulations on pollution. Their use extends the life of the engine and makes maintenance unnecessary

This explains why the use of innovative technologies, for the development of additives increasingly perturbing, has increased considerably in recent years.

The additive families

There are basically three families of additives:

  • Engine oil additive : these additives allow to improve the properties of engine lubricants, guaranteeing less wear on the mechanical parts and greater protection against corrosion wear of the mechanical components inside the engine
  • Diesel additive : these additives keep the fuel system clean. They reduce the formation of PM 10, protect the Fap -DPF and increase the number of cetani of diesel
  • Petrol additive : controls the deposits on the injectors, lubricates the fuel system and increases the number of octane in the petrol
  • LPG additive : Eliminates moisture, lacquers, sulphurous deposits, ammonia, pollutants, from the tank and from the pressure reducer keeping them clean over time.
  • Fap DPF cleaning additive : reduces the formation of particulate, lengthening the regeneration intervals of the filter, Lowers the regeneration temperature inside the filter, slowing down its natural degradation
  • Additive for radiators : these last additives offer a descaling and protective function of the cooling circuit, improving its efficiency.

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