Brake brakes and pads for your car of all brands


Brakes are one of the main elements of safety in a car. The braking system has undergone changes over the years and above all important technological and structural innovations

Different types of car braking systems:

There are basically 2 types of brake systems that we can find on a machine:

Disk brakes

The operating mechanism of the disc brakes is as follows: when the brake pedal is pressed, the brake pads are pushed against the disc by the brake pump creating a friction that slows down the car. Disc brakes are generally mounted on the front of the machine, therefore they are the most stressed part of the braking system. These components generally wear out and must be replaced. In our Lubricants shop you will find only original auto parts and at the best price, buy from us the disks and pads for your car.

Drum brakes

The drum feni function differently, the brake pedal expands two skids (jaws) through small cylinders towards the drum, creating the thrust and slowing down of the machine. Also in this case they are components that wear out quickly and must be replaced. in recent years the drum brake system has been used only in the rear part of the car.

Material with which brake pads and pads are produced:

The material with which the components of the braking system are produced has undergone considerable changes in recent years, both due to problems related to the health of users and to providing ever greater performance in terms of frost. The most important change that has occurred in the brake pads has been the elimination of asbestos in their compound, this has created many problems for the producers, in some cases making the pads more noisy. For brake discs, the choice of material depends above all on the braking performance that you want to have, generally they are made of cast iron but the latest developments are also of carbon ceramic brake discs.

When to replace brake pads and discs?

Very often the brake pads are equipped with a wear indicator that lights up a light in the dashboard of the car to indicate that the time has come to replace them. In the absence of a warning light, a simple visual inspection of the car brakes can make you understand that the time has come to change them. Other important signs of non-underestimation are:

Brakes whistling

Brake pedal that vibrates

Rear brake pads are replaced less frequently than the front brake pads, and generally the brake discs are replaced every 2 times the car pads are changed.

Cost brake pads and disks

The cost of brake pads and discs depends mainly on the material with which they are produced, in the case of brake discs from the structure (ventilated, drilled, etc.) and from the brand. The main manufacturers are: Brembo brakes, Ate, Bendix and many others. In our auto parts store you will find all the offers for the car brake system. With us only original spare parts at the best price.