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Timing Belt Kit

Timing belt what it is for

It serves to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft with the camshaft for opening and closing the intake and exhaust valves. Without this synchronism the engine is out of phase with the risk of bending or breaking the valves and pistons.

In the latest generation engines, the belt often also regulates the operation of the water pump.

Replacing the timing belt

Belt breakage often occurs unexpectedly and without any warning signal. It is always advisable to check the maintenance booklet to know how often the timing belt needs to be changed according to the car manufacturer.

Some warning signs can be:

  • High-pitched screech when accelerating
  • Squeak that arises from poor engine timing

In case of breakage, stop the engine immediately and do not try to restart the car, it could cause more damage.

Generally the replacement interval depends on the kilometers traveled and ranges from 80,000 km to 180,000 km. The damage resulting from its breakage varies from bent valves to irreversible damage to the engine and the need for its complete replacement.

Timing belt or chain

Today, in addition to the normal rubber belts, there are iron distribution chains. In the case of engines with timing chain it is important to use a high quality lubricant.

A chain lubricated with a poor engine oil for a long time to give a cold engine is said to "sing" emitting a classic rattling noise.

Cost timing belt

The cost of a timing belt kit can vary depending on the car model from 300 to 600 euros. Very often the water pump was also replaced.

This is work to be carried out only in specialized workshops. The real cost of the intervention is very often the labor because to replace the belt it is necessary to remove the entire front end of the car.

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