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Auto Shock Absorbers

The car shock absorbers have a fundamental task not only related to the comfort of the passenger but above all to driving safety by ensuring the correct road holding of the vehicle. In fact the task of the shock absorber during the march is to absorb the shocks and vibrations that the wheels, the suspensions and the frame undergo.

It is important not to make confusion between shock absorbers and suspensions, the latter being those elastic components (generally shaped like a large spring), which connect the car chassis to the wheels, while the shock absorbers are those cylinder-shaped components connected to the suspensions, whose main purpose is to attenuate the movement of the suspensions.

Car shock absorbers better than gas or oil

There are different types of shock absorbers based on how they are designed. The first difference is based on the substance with which the shock absorber is filled. In fact, they can be filled with:

  • Oil and in this case we speak of hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Gas (generally Nitrogen) and in this case we speak of gas shock absorbers.

Recently, gas-oil shock absorbers are also in production. The main benefit between those with Gas and Oil and those with gas have a greater sweetness of operation due to the fact that the gas is compressible while the oil is not.

Another difference is between the double-pipe and the single-pipe:

  • The bituboalre is the most famous and classic configuration of the shock absorber, its simplicity and versatility allows its extended use from the City cars to heavy vehicles. The disadvantage of this choice is the heating and the air that can form in the oil (foaming).
  • The monotube provides damping to vertical stresses and limits suspension excursions. The internal pressure reached is greater than 10 bar. The main benefits of this configuration are:
  1. high damping compared to its dimensional bulk
  2. low weight
  3. high speed hydraulic response of the valves due to the high level of pressurization

Car shock absorbers when changing them

The life of a shock absorber depends mainly on the road surface and the driving style. They must be checked every 20,000 km and one of the main causes of breakdown is the cold and we therefore recommend checking the shock absorbers in spring after the winter season. If you see oil stains near the wheels, we advise you to go to your trusted mechanic immediately.

Exhaust auto shock absorbers

The symptoms of a malfunction of the shock absorbers are as follows:

  • ·          Excessive rocking of the car
  • ·          Longer braking distance
  • ·          Noises and beats while driving
  • ·          Uneven tire consumption
  • ·          Oil stains on the shock absorber

In case of failure or breakage, replacing the shock absorbers is the only possible solution. Replacement should only be carried out by expert personnel, it is always advisable to replace both shock absorbers on the same axis.

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