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It is a device used to accumulate electrical energy through chemical processes and then can release it in the form of direct current. Each type is always made up of a positive electrode and a negative electrode immersed in an acid.

In the past, the main task of a car accumulator was to ensure the correct functioning of the motor to start the car. In the past it was always located in the engine compartment. In modern cars it is very often now located under the seat and is no longer easy to access.

The increase in the presence of electronics in the engines and the ever increasing number of control units to be powered while driving has made its function much more demanding. The battery must supply energy constantly to all the engine control units, therefore, in addition to the starting point, the ability to release current constantly is fundamental.

The most common model used for cars is still the Lead - Calcium one composed of six cells in series containing inside them elements immersed in acid.

Each cell generates 2.13 Volts at full charge; when it is running, the voltage settles on 2 Volts and therefore 12 Volts for the entire accumulator.

The positive pole of the battery is always colored red and is identified with the + symbol. The negative pole of the battery is always black, is slightly smaller and is identified with the - symbol

The connection cables on the battery also respect this color, red the one on the positive pole and black the negative pole.

A new battery is immediately ready for use, it is always supplied always already full of acid and charged.

Regulations for the reduction of Co2 emissions

An increasing number of cars are equipped with Start-stop technologies; alternator management (Alternator Energy Management) and brake energy recovery (Brake Energy Recuperation). These new technologies born to reduce emissions need a new generation of batteries developed to:

  • Have greater operability even at low charge levels.
  • Being able to recharge with the energy coming from the braking energy recovery system and not only from that produced by the alternator.
  • Have longer life cycles to support the electrical system when the vehicle is stationary and the alternator is not charging

To meet these new needs, AGM technology batteries, commercially known as Start and Stop batteries, were born.

What is the difference between LEAD, GEL and AGM batteries?

There are different types:

  • Normal lead with maintenance. They have 6 caps on the upper part from which the quantity of acid present in the cell can be checked and the operating status of the cell can be checked with the densimeter. This type is now obsolete.
  • Normal lead-lead without maintenance. They are built in the same way as those with maintenance. The difference is the absence of caps to check the state of the cells. Some have the magic eye to check the status.
  • Start and Stop with AGM technology. They are batteries sealed with gel electrolyte. These are batteries with high performance and very long life.

Car battery price

The price of the battery varies depending on the technology used and the performance, browse our catalog of batteries and find the best one that suits your needs.

The Start and Stop system

To reduce CO2 emissions and limit fuel consumption, modern cars are equipped with the Start and Stop system. This system automatically switches off the engine in the event of a stop. How does it work ?

The engine stops when you stop at the traffic lights and put the gear in neutral leaving the clutch, pressing the clutch again the engine restarts.

Some car components are particularly stressed with this technology and in particular:

The battery, when the engine is off, must ensure the operation of numerous control units and on-board services.

These cars use batteries called Start and Stop capable of doing a greater number of charge and discharge cycles.

The starter motor has to do a greater number of starting cycles (about 10 times more), for this reason it has been strengthened to withstand up to 300,000 /350,000 ignitions.

Despite these problems, the Start and Stop system is certainly worthwhile. From the tests carried out on average, it guarantees fuel savings of 8% with peaks of 15% in situations of intense traffic.

The main parameters that must be considered when buying a battery are:

Voltage: It is measured in Volts. For cars it is generally 12V while for trucks it is 24V.

Capacity: measured in ampere hours (symbol AH), and indicates the intensity of current that the battery is able to deliver without interruption for one hour before the potential difference across the battery drops below 12 V When the capacity drops below 12 V the battery can be considered discharged.

You must always choose a battery with a capacity not lower than that recommended in the use and maintenance manual of the machine.

Inrush current: It is measured in amperes (symbol A), and indicates the maximum current intensity available for a limited time (30 seconds) during the battery discharge phase.

This parameter is none other than the current that the battery must make available when starting the machine. This value in the past was the main value since the main function of the battery was just starting.

In the event that due to wear and sulphation the value of the inrush current drops below 7 V, the machine may not start. The engine control unit reads that there is not enough energy to power all the machine's devices or there is not enough energy to turn the starter motor.

Size: the manufacturers have created standard sizes for the batteries: L01,: L12, L03, L05. This code is always shown on the lid and identifies the size of the battery.

Sale of car batteries online

Batteries generally differ in capacity.

The best-selling car batteries online are 45 AH and 52 AH for old cars and 60AH and 74 AH and the innovative Start and Stop for new generation cars.

The starting is always proportional to the power of the engine. Choosing a battery with a low starting point may not allow the car to start

Car battery life

Lead acid batteries (when they include acid) are a living product in fact they are always "live". Whether they are in stock or in service, they have a limited life.

All batteries, once filled with acid, are subject to progressive discharge. High storage temperatures or humidity in the storage location lead to a faster loss of charge. If the batteries in storage or even in service are completely discharged, a reaction called sulphation starts which irreversibly damages the batteries.

The greatest breakages always occur when the temperature is too rigid. When the temperature reaches 0 ° C the battery loses 30% of its functionality. For this reason it is always advisable to carry out a check before the arrival of winter.

The average life of the batteries is estimated at 3 - 5 years. The climate, the amount of electronic devices that the vehicle is equipped with and the use it makes are all that influence the duration.

Low car battery

Batteries with a voltage of 12.35 V or less must be recharged immediately. Do not recharge using rapid chargers, as they are not efficient when attempting to recharge a battery affected by partial sulphation.

With a quick charge, there is an excessive release of gas and damage to the bonds between the grid and the active matter inside the battery. If you find the battery completely discharged it is essential to know how to charge it and not to replace the battery if you do not know the correct procedure, especially in the case of Start and Stop batteries.

How to charge the car battery

The battery is constantly charged by the alternator when the engine is running. However, if the alternator does not work well, it can irreversibly damage the battery. If it loads too much, it overheats it, making all the acid evaporate. Charge little then in the long run the machine will no longer start because the battery is completely discharged.

The car battery can be discharged for several reasons: current leakage, forgotten lights or headlights on or, not to be underestimated, the age of the battery itself. Here are some tips on how to charge the car battery:

The most popular method is with cables. To be able to restart a car with a discharged battery using the cables, it is necessary to have another car with a charged battery available. The correct procedure is as follows:

Bring the 2 machines together so that you can easily connect the 2 batteries with the cables

  • Identify where the 2 batteries are positioned, in older generation cars it is always positioned in the engine compartment, in new concept cars it can be placed in the trunk or in the passenger compartment
  • Turn on the car and connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the car in motion and then to that of the flat battery
  • Connect the black cable to the negative terminal of the car's battery in motion and then to the discharged one.
  • Accelerate the car to 2,000 - 2,500 rpm and then try to start the car with a dead battery.
  • Once the machine is turned on, walk for at least 20 minutes to allow the alternator to recharge the battery

Car battery prices

Find our online offer (Bosch, Fiamm, Varta, Exide Excell) for the right battery for your car with free shipping. If you have difficulty choosing the right amperage, contact our customer service and one of our technicians will help you in your choice.

In our catalog you will find only recently manufactured batteries with no more than 6 months of life.

Contact us after purchase if you want to replace the battery yourself, one of our experts will explain the correct procedure step by step.

We only sell the best car batteries at the best price to our customers.

Car battery warranty

The warranty for car batteries sold by spare parts lubricants is 2 years for the private user and one year for the professional user. In the event of a defect, the battery must be delivered and after carrying out the necessary checks it will be replaced.

In fact, our experience has taught us that in most cases the defect is never linked to the batteries but to the electrical system of the engine.

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