Diesel additive

Diesel additive

Fuel additive for diesel cars

What are the diesel additives?

In recent years it has become necessary to use fuel additives for diesel engines, this is because diesel is becoming increasingly polluted and on the other hand the engines are becoming increasingly sensitive to the presence of water, sludge and other pollutants. the European directive 2003/30 / CE was implemented, all diesel fuels for motor vehicles must contain a percentage of biodiesel equal to 15% of the total, this involves an increase in bacterial proliferation and therefore of algae and sludge and a greater presence of water in the diesel.

When Use a diesel additive

It is necessary to evaluate the use of a diesel additive when your car's engine has one of these problems:

  • Copious exhaust gas emissions
  • Clogged Fap filter
  • Engine ignition difficult
  • Consumption higher than average
  • Frequent engine stops
  • Problems during acceleration

Indeed, the main task of a fuel additive for diesel engines is:

  • Ensure protection of the injection system by protecting it from oxidation and corrosion.
  • It must contain a bactericide that protects from biological degradation, preventing bacterial proliferation during long periods of rest.
  • The package of detergent additives present in the additive must guarantee the cleaning of the metal parts of the engine and, in particular, of the warmer ones.
  • The emulsifying property of the fuel additive must favor the dispersion of the water in the form of an emulsion, allowing to avoid the formation of aqueous deposits.
  • In some cases they can increase the number of cetani present in the diesel, optimizing combustion with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption and therefore lower emissions and exhaust fumes.

Regular use of a diesel fuel additive leads to the following benefits for your car:

  • Reduce diesel consumption (around 4%);
  • Increase engine power and improve performance;
  • Reduce smoke and emissions, with a consequent reduction in environmental impact;
  • Increase engine life;
  • Prevent bacterial proliferation;
  • Eliminate harmful water deposits from the fuel tank and fuel system in the form of an emulsion.

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