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Specific anti-freeze winter additive with biocide


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Antiparaffin / biocide additive for diesel fuel

DESCRIPTION ROTHEN BIO POLAR is a specific additive for the winter treatment of automotive diesel fuel that contains biodiesel. It has been studied to prevent both the crystallization of paraffins present in petroleum gas oil and the problems created or exacerbated by the biodiesel component such as gelation, biological degradation and the tendency to form deposits during storage. APPLICATIONS

ROTHEN BIO POLAR is an additive particularly recommended when the temperatures that can be reached by the fuel are such as to favor the crystallization process of the paraffins contained in the petroleum diesel fraction. The presence of biodiesel, together with the low sulfur content, makes diesel fuels currently distributed (in most service stations of oil companies) more easily subject to degradation, with the consequent formation of deposits that obstruct the pipes and block the filters.

ROTHEN BIO POLAR is also formulated with specific additives that ensure superior stability of the diesel throughout the entire use cycle including seasonal stops and long storage periods. Its particular "anti - settling" feature prevents the precipitation of paraffin crystals over time, keeping them in suspension, a more accentuated phenomenon at colder temperatures. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for use also in “arctic” diesel fuels with filterability limit (CFPP) –18 / -22 ° C.


ROTHEN BIO POLAR must be added to the diesel fuel as a percentage of 1-2 ‰. It must be added to the tank of the vehicle preferably before refueling or in the storage tank.

Laboratory tests have shown that BIO POLAR, added to 1 ‰ in diesel, lowers the CFPP up to -20 ° C and 2 ‰ up to -25 ° C compared to -12 ° C for standard winter diesel (UNI EN 590). On the other hand, in case of use in “arctic” diesel, an addition of 0.5 ‰ of BIO POLAR is sufficient to reach a temperature of CFPP inf. at -30 ° C.


- Ensures better cold behavior of the fuel and correct engine operation;

- Destroys and prevents the formation of micro-organisms in fuels, avoiding the formation of sludge during long periods of storage;

- Inhibits oxidative processes, in particular by improving the biodiesel degradation resistance;

- It is compatible with all exhaust gas treatment systems

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