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ROTHEN BIO 5 Lt. can

Biocide treatment for tanks and diesel fuel tanks


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Anti-fermentation and anti-corrosion additive for diesel fuel


ROTHEN BIO is a derivative N, N'-methylene-bis– (5-methyloxazolidine) recommended as an inhibitor of corrosion and biological degradation of diesel fuel used both as a fuel and as a fuel.


The water that can be formed during storage in gas oils represents the natural habitat for the development of microorganisms that cause the degradation of the hydrocarbon phase. Bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts, if not properly inhibited, would lead to the formation of slime and deposits on the bottom of the tank. Once put into circulation they would clog the filters, blocking the regular flow of diesel fuel to the engine injectors and to the burners of the boilers. The presence of biodiesel further promotes bacterial proliferation, with a consequent increase in the risk of formation of corrosive acid species and of sludge and deposits. The molecular structure of ROTHEN BIO has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics which guarantee a homogeneous distribution of the biocide. This ensures an inhibiting action of the corrosive processes and of the bacterial growth in the diesel during the long periods of storage in the tanks and in the seasonal stops in the tanks of the vehicles.

USE Recommended use percentages:

0.3 - 1 ‰ (per thousand) in automotive diesel (fuel and fuel)

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