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Brake pads

Car brake pads what are they?

Brake pads are a fundamental component of dsichi brakes. With the brake caliper they are pushed against the disc and in this way the friction that is needed to slow the car is generated. It is precisely this friction that generates its wear

Brake pads when to change them?

The new cars are all equipped with a warning device on the brake pads which turns on a warning light on the engine panel when they are too worn. If the warning device is absent, a simple visual inspection is enough to understand if the time has come to replace the brake pads of your car. Abnormalities during braking such as screeching or other noises are signs of a malfunction of the pads. If too worn pads are used, these can damage the brake discs, in fact the metal part of the pads tends to adhere to the discs, creating grooves and making their replacement necessary.

Brake pads cost?

The cost of the brake pads depends on the machine model and brand of pads you have chosen, in our shop you will find the best brands of brake pads at the best price such as:

  • Brembo brake pads

  • Ferodo brake pads

  • brake pads textar

  • Ate brake pads

How to change the brake pads?

Their replacement is generally a simple and fast operation that can be carried out in a few steps and does not require special tools, even if our advice is always to contact an expert car repairer. The steps to follow are as follows:

  • Let the machine cool down, discs and pads if recently used can overheat and cause burns
  • Loosen the wheel nuts
  • Raise the car safely, pull the handbrake and use jack stands under the chassis. Now finish loosening the nuts and removing the wheel
  • Using an Allen or ring wrench, you can remove the brake caliper bolts. If you have difficulty loosening them, use an unlocking spray such as Svitol. The caliper remains attached to the brake hose, hang it carefully on the mudguard to avoid damage
  • Now you can remove the old pads, check how they are installed: they are usually hooked or stuck in metal clamps, always pay close attention not to damage the caliper or the brake hose. Now you can fit the new brake pads in the same way you attach the old ones.
  • Reinstall the wheel, lower the machine, tighten the nuts firmly and check the brake oil level
  • Check now that the work has been carried out well, drive at 10 Km / h on a road with little traffic and perform braking, if it seems that everything is going well increase up to 40-50 km / h always carrying out braking, never busche otherwise you risk "burning" the pads.

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