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Brake Discs

Brake discs are an element of the brake system for slowing down and stopping the machine. Their operation exposes them to high temperature changes which is why they use very resistant materials for their construction.

Brake discs of which material:

Brake discs can be produced with the following materials:

  • Cast iron
  • Carbon
  • Ceramic

The cost of brake discs varies naturally according to the type of material used.

Characteristics of the brake discs

Dsiting disc brakes are for:

Whether ventilated or not

  • Self-ventilated discs It is composed of two plates with an interval in the middle.
  • Not ventilated. The plate is one and is perforated, carved or entirely flat.

By type of holes:

  • Through holes: ensure excellent cooling and quickly eliminate exhaust gases and combustion products. However, the operating time is reduced.
  • Deep holes; They have a longer service life but worse cooling performance.

Using the brake disc

The duration of the car disc brake depends on the materials with which it is produced but above all on the driving style of the driver of the car. Generally the car brake discs are replaced every 2 times the replacement of the brake pads.

Worn brake discs

With a simple visual and touch inspection it is easy to understand if the brake disc is worn and needs to be replaced, the signals to check are:

  • Deep scratches on the surface of the disc
  • Disc ovalization, with consequent braking noise and steering vibrations
  • Cracks on the disc
  • Vibrations on the brake pedal
  • Whistle or screeching while braking

At the first fault signal, the thickness of the disc must be immediately measured with a caliper, the maximum deviation from the original value must not exceed 1-3 mm.

Replacement of brake discs and pads

Worn brake pads must always be replaced together with the brake pads, the operation is very simple but requires the use of a torque wrench to tighten the disc bolts to avoid ovalization. The procedure is as follows:

  • Raise the car Using a lift and secure it on jack stands
  • Unscrew the bolts and remove the wheel.
  • Remove the brake caliper with an Allen key
  • If necessary, remove the clamp attachment.
  • Remove the disc by detaching it from the hub.
  • Install the brake disc by tightening with the torque wrench following the assembly instructions.
  • Fasten the gripper attachment, install the gripper, the machine wheel

Brake discs and pads price

The price of car disc brakes depends on different factors, for example if we choose ventilated discs or not, the brand of the manufacturer and the material with which they are made. On lubricantiricambi we sell the following brands of brake discs:

  • Brembo brake discs

  • Ferodo brake discs

  • Ate brake discs

  • Textar brake discs

and many others..

If you cannot find the right spare part for your machine or you want advice on which product to choose, contact us by email or chat.