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ATE Brake Disc 24.0128-0208.2

Brake Disc BMW 3 M3 CSL 3.2I 03> ANT SX COMP


Diameter [mm] 345 Brake disc thickness [mm] 28 Min. [mm] 26,4 Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info 2 Two-piece brake disc Brake disc type Perforated / self-ventilated Machining / treatment High carbon content Coated surface N holes 5 Inner hole- [mm] 120 Height [mm] 52.5 Centering diameter [mm] 79 Internal diameter [mm] 0 Bore- [mm] 14,5 Registration type with general authorization for use (ABE) Supplementary Article / Supplementary Info 2 with bolts / screws

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