Buy Car Motor Oil - Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60 - Offer 6 Liters Single liter can auto parts shop online at best price
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Car Motor Oil - Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60 - Offer 6 Liters Single liter can

Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W60 - 6 Liters Offer in Single Liter Package


Offer composition:

6 x Car Engine Oil - Totally Synthetic Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W60

The new generation Shell Helix Ultra motor oils are formulated with the exclusive Shell PurePlus technology which, compared to traditional synthetic formulations, gives the lubricant better performance in terms of viscosity, lower internal friction coefficient and reduced volatility.

The revolutionary process underlying the Shell PurePlus technology allows the conversion of natural gas into a crystalline base oil, substantially free of the impurities present in the crude oil. This pure and transparent base, combined with the exclusive Shell Active Cleansing Technology, generates an engine oil able to ensure the engines cleanliness and protection levels that exceed industry standards.

Features and benefits of Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60:

  • Unmatched sludge protection - No other oil is able to keep the engine so clean once it leaves the factory 1
  • Thanks to its high viscosity it provides exceptional engine protection in extreme and race 2 conditions
  • Excellent protection against wear and corrosion 3
  • Formulated in collaboration with Ferrari for racing engines

Specifications: API SN / CF; ACEA A3 / B3, A3 / B4; Ferrari

1 Based on the results of the Sequence VG sludge test performed using 0W-40

2 Compared to oils with lower viscosity

3 Compared to the API SN specification and based on the Sequence IVA and Sequence VIII engine tests performed in an independent laboratory

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