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Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX 1 liter can

Synthetic fluid for high performance automatic transmissions


Synthetic fluid for high performance automatic transmissions. Spirax S4 ATF HDX is a superior quality oil for automatic transmissions of cars and heavy vehicles. The use of Shell synthetic bases allows to reach very high performances extending the replacement intervals even in the most severe conditions.


· Modern automatic transmissions

· Hydrostatic transmissions

· Hydraulic clutches

· Power steering

· Some manual changes

Performance Benefits

· Excellent properties for smooth and quiet operation of automatic transmissions

· Optimal behavior at low temperatures

· Resistant to shear stresses

· Excellent anti-wear performance

· Can be used for more extensive change intervals

· Oxidation stability at high temperatures

Specifications and Approvals


§ General Motors Allison C-4

§ ZF TE-ML 04D-09-14B- 16L-17C

§ Voith 55.6336 (ex G 1363)

§ MB 236.9

§ MAN 339 Typ Z2 339 Typ V2

Technical data sheet in the Annex

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