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Shell Gadus S5 T460 1.5 Bucket 18 kg.

High technology multifunctional grease for heavy duty applications


Shell Gadus S5 T460 is a high-performance, high-temperature, long-life grease that can be used in heavy-duty industrial applications. It is formulated with totally synthetic bases and with a special diuretic thickener. Contains additives of the latest technology that give the fat excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and other additives to improve the anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties Shell Gadus S5 T460 is particularly suitable for bearings (ponds or semi-ponds) operating at low speeds, with heavy loads and high temperatures.


Shell Gadus S5 T460 is particularly recommended for the lubrication of heavily loaded slow bearings (ponds or semi-ponds)

Used in industrial machinery such as:

  • Steel
  • Wind energy
  • Cement
  • Chemical industry
  • Performance Mining Card

High viscosity base oil to satisfy the requirements of the most important manufacturers for large low-speed bearings. Formulated thanks to the advanced technology of diurea fats, successfully tested in the paper and steel industries, wind turbines and others in Japan and in the world.

Excellent resistance to high temperatures Superior performance, thanks to the intrinsic oxidation resistance of both the synthetic base and the diurea thickener.

High EP properties Excellent resistance to the heaviest loads

Excellent water resistance To guarantee lasting protection even in the presence of considerable quantities of water.

High drop point

Effective corrosion protection Avoids corrosive attack on components and bearings

Relubrication interval

For bearings operating at the maximum recommended temperatures, the relubrication intervals should be reviewed.

Health & Safety

Shell Gadus S5 T460 does not present health and safety risks if used in recommended applications, maintaining good practices of occupational hygiene. For more information, consult the safety data sheet.


Information on applications not covered by this document can be obtained from your Shell representative

In the Technical Data Sheet

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