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Shell Gadus S3 V460 2 Cartridge 400 Gr.

Multifunctional grease for heavy industrial applications

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High-performance Shell Gadus S3 V460 high-temperature greases are suitable for use in heavy industrial applications. It is formulated with mineral oil with a high viscosity index and a complex lithium thickener. Contains latest generation additives that allow excellent behavior at high temperatures and others to improve antioxidant, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.
Shell Gadus S3 V460 greases are recommended for slow-moving applications, loaded bearings that operate at high temperatures and under severe load.

Other information

Shell Gadus S3 V460 greases are recommended in grease lubrication of overloaded slow bearings mounted on machinery used in the following industries:
- Chemical industry
- Formulated with high viscosity oil to meet OEM requirements for large, slow-moving bearings Tested on rollers in steel mills
- Excellent mechanical stability even in the presence of vibrations Maintains consistency for long periods, even in the presence of strong vibrations
- Superior extreme pressure properties Excellent performance on heavily loaded bearings
-Excellent water resistance Provides durable protection even in the presence of large quantities of water
- Effective corrosion protection Ensures that components / bearings do not break down due to corrosion
- High drop point Resistant to high temperatures

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