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Shell Omala F 320 20 liter bucket

Lubrication of heavy industrial gears


Shell Omala F is a premium quality, lead-free, extreme pressure oil designed, first and foremost, for the lubrication of heavy industrial gears. Its high load carrying capacity and anti-friction features combine to offer superior performance to gears and other industrial applications. It is formulated with a high viscosity index, refined solvents, base oils and incorporates a special sulfur and phosphorus additive to provide extreme performance pressures significantly better than that provided by lead gear oils. Shell Omala F is formally approved by Flender AG

Shell Omala F is approved against Flender AG of 22/1/96 requirements which include:

  • Oxidation stability sufficient for life of 10,000 hours or two years at 80 ° C
  • a fail load phase of> 12 in the FZG double speed test (DIN 51354, part 2)
  • a passage in the area of FVA-54 / II micro pitting (gray coloring) test at load stage 10 at 90 ° C more

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