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Rothen ADDITIVE Auto Top for Diesel Engines CLEANER Cleaning BIO INJECTORS Evolution 6 liters

Multifunctional additive with biocide for diesel

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Additive for Diesel - ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL 6 LITERS Super Offera


Additive for fuels for diesel engines

DESCRIPTION ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL is a multifunctional additive with biocidal properties, specific for the treatment of diesel.

ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL can be used as a multifunctional additive for diesel engines.


The product must be added directly to the fuel tank before refueling at a rate of 2-4 ‰ (per thousand). It is recommended to use it even before a long stop.


Protective power

ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL guarantees protection of the injection system by preserving it from oxidation and corrosion processes.

Biocidal properties

The product formulation is enriched with a special bactericide that protects against biological degradation, preventing bacterial proliferation during long periods of rest.

Cleansing action

The detergents, present in the additive package of the product, guarantee the cleaning of the metal parts of the engine and, in particular, of the hottest ones.

Increase in the cetane number

This feature optimizes the combustion process with a consequent reduction in emissions of pollutants, smoke and particulates.

Emulsifying properties

The particular additivation of ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL favors the dispersion of water in the form of emulsion, allowing to avoid the formation of aqueous deposits.

Regular use of ROTHEN BIO EVOLUTION DIESEL allows you to:

- Reduce the consumption of diesel (about 4%);

- Increase the engine power and improve its performance;

- Reduce smoke and emissions, with a consequent reduction in environmental impact;

- Increase the life of the engine;

- Prevent bacterial proliferation;

- Eliminate harmful aqueous deposits from the fuel tank and fuel system in the form of an emulsion.

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