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Additive for Diesel - ROTHEN EVOLUTION CLEANER cleaning Diesel engines and 12LT storage tanks

Treatment for cleaning the diesel engine injection system (pumps - valves - injectors and combustion chamber) and storage tanks

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Additive for automotive diesel


ROTHEN EVOLUTION CLEANER is a cleaning fluid specifically designed for the cleaning of pumps, valves, injectors and the combustion chamber of all diesel engines, including those with high pressure fuel systems (common rail) without having to resort to any type dismantling of these components. As a multifunctional additive, it has also been designed to stabilize and protect the diesel during long periods of standstill, whether it is in a storage tank or in that of an unused diesel engine.


  • Cleans and lubricates pumps, injectors and valves in the supply circuit;
  • Removes combustion deposits;
  • Reduces emissions and smoke at the exhaust;
  • Reduces noise and engine beating;
  • Restores engine efficiency;
  • Protective and detergent power;
  • Increase in cetane number;
  • Absence of ashes (for the benefit of catalytic converters).

Regular use of ROTHEN EVOLUTION CLEANER brings the following benefits;

  • Reduction of fuel consumption (min. 3.5%);
  • Increased engine power and performance;
  • Improvement of the environmental impact, thanks to the reduction of the smokiness;
  • Elimination of aqueous deposits that form in the tank of the vehicle during its operation.


ROTHEN EVOLUTION CLEANER is recommended for all diesel fuel systems. The treatment must be carried out with the pure product every 50-60 thousand kilometers traveled. In the case of particularly encrusted injectors, the treatment can be conveniently anticipated or at a rate of 2 $ 4% or diluted in the fuel before refueling. We recommend a treatment before subjecting the vehicle to a smoke control.

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