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Shell Corena S4 R 46 20 liter bucket

Synthetic lubricant for Shell Corena S4 R 46 rotary compressors

The range of Shell Corena oils for air compressors has been developed to allow you to choose the right lubricant, able to guarantee the best economic result for your activities, thanks to a better protection against wear, to the long life of the oil and to the high efficiency of the system. A range developed in close collaboration with customers and equipment manufacturers. Different industrial sectors can benefit from a reliable and safe Shell lubrication that enhances their activities.


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Shell Corena S4 R are advanced synthetic oils for air compressors that use a high performance additive system. They are formulated to ensure high quality lubrication in rotary vane and screw air compressors. They employ an advanced system of additives to guarantee excellent performance and protection for compressors operating at pressures above 25 bar and discharge temperatures above 100oC with oil maintenance intervals of up to 12,000 hours.


  • Oil life - A longer life of the oil means less need for fluid maintenance for the equipment, which can therefore continue to operate without interruption. The durability of Shell Corena oils makes it possible to satisfy multiple operational needs.
  • Exceptional wear protection - Excessive wear can seriously affect the life and efficiency of an air compressor. The Shell Corena range includes oils dedicated to rotary compressors, designed to limit the wear of vanes and screws, and oils for reciprocating compressors, specific against the wear of cylinders, piston rings and valves.
  • Maintain system efficiency - Pressure loss in worn out compressors can reduce operational efficiency and increase costs. Shell Corena oils are designed to contribute to the efficiency of the system by inhibiting the formation of foam, releasing trapped air and rapidly separating the condensation water.

Shell Corena S4 R 68 is approved by ABB for use in VTR turbochargers, with a maximum oil change interval of 5,000 hours (HZTL 90617, list 3a) Industry standards: ISO 6743-3A DAJ


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