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Brembo world leader in components for the braking system

Components for your car's brake system

Brembo is the Italian company world leader in the production of components for the braking system of cars. Founded in 1961 in a small mechanical workshop, it is now the world leader in the production of brake discs and pads for the automotive sector.

Brembo history

The main dates are:

  • In 1964 Brembo began producing brake discs for cars
  • In 1972 also motorcycle brakes
  • In 1975 he entered Formula 1, where he also supplied his systems to Ferrari single-seaters.

In 1995 Brembo was listed on the stock exchange and Brembo shares have always been a safe investment for savers.

Brembo Spare Parts Catalog

World leader in the production of components for the braking system such as the brake caliper, the brake pad, drums and brake disc.

Brembo brake discs and pads are the first choice of many European, American, Asian manufacturers and even prestigious super car manufacturers such as Ferrari.

In our spare parts catalog you will find brembo discs and pads at the best price on the web.

Brembo brake pads

The range of Brembo brake pads ensures maximum safety when braking, thanks to the absolute control of all stages of production: from research and development to testing, passing through the creation of the friction compound with selected raw materials and mechanical processing.

The main benefits are:

Performance : Reduced stopping distance in all conditions and temperatures. Maximum silence and driving comfort

Range : over 1400 brake pads covering 98% of the world car fleet

Ease of installation : wide range of accessories for simple safe installation.

These exceptional characteristics are achieved thanks to the state-of-the-art production process of the brake pads and the numerous tests carried out in the laboratory and on the road.

Brembo discs

The range of brake discs covers 98% of the fleet in circulation and are characterized by excellent performance, reliability, durability and comfort in all conditions.

The main benefits of using Brembo discs are the following:

Resistance : the UV ray coating production process guarantees superior corrosion resistance and complete protection of the disc.

Performance : the exclusive PVT ventilation patent improves the cooling and braking capacity and increases the crack resistance of the disc by over 40%.

High Carbon : cast iron brake discs with a high percentage of carbon to minimize noise and vibrations during braking and maximize performance.

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