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Anti-seizing additive for aspirated and turbo petrol / diesel engines



Super-lubricating anti-friction and anti-wear additive


ROTHEN EXTRA has been specifically designed to enhance the function of the LCC (Load Carrying Capacity) system, present at a high concentration. The anti-wear, greasy, EP compounds and friction modifiers that make up this system (appropriately dosed in a ratio that enhances the specific characteristics) determine very high anti-friction and anti-wear performance. Particularly significant is the attritometer performance, which unequivocally shows ROTHEN EXTRA's remarkable ability to adhere to metal surfaces, protecting them from wear and tear. The formulation does not contain chlorine, is free of dust and inorganic compounds in dispersion and is completely soluble in the most common lubricating bases.


ROTHEN EXTRA can be used as a superlubricating additive in a wide range of oils. It is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • lowering of performance caused by excessive and / or premature wear;
  • excessive noise of the lubricated parts;
  • extension of service life of the lubricant.


The product must be added directly to the lubricant in use at a rate of 10 15%. ROTHEN EXTRA is compatible with both mineral-based and synthetic lubricants (excluding polyglycols).


ROTHEN EXTRA, thanks to the LCC (Load Carrying Capacity) system, gives the added lubricant the ability to form a protective layer that prevents contact between the roughness of the metal surfaces affected by the relative movement, even in the most severe lubrication regimes (high temperatures and high loads). Strong features EP ROTHEN EXTRA increases the capacity of the oil to interact chemically with the metal surfaces, giving rise to the formation of inorganic compounds with a low coefficient of friction that ensure a more contained dissipation of heat. This causes a lower increase in the operating temperature of the oil which results in a slowing down of the oxidative degradation processes of the lubricant itself. These specific properties lead to a longer life of the oil, considerable energy savings and less formation of acid species and consequent inhibition of corrosive processes. The use of ROTHEN EXTRA ensures a marked affinity towards the metal surfaces on which the protective layer formed by the product remains firmly anchored, both in the presence of very high loads and in cases where the supply of lubricant is missing, avoiding seizing and wear harmful. Ability to support the load High polarity

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