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Sanitizing aerosol for air conditioners and vehicle cockpits


ROTHEN CLIMAX AEROSOL a specific product to neutralize odors of an organic nature, malodorous volatile substances deriving from bacterial proliferation, etc. from every type of surface and environment, it refreshes the treated areas leaving a pleasant scent. It purifies all surfaces extending the life and operation of the air conditioning system. Harmless for the materials, even valuable ones, of the dashboard and passenger compartment of cars. The use of ROTHEN CLIMAX AEROSOL recommended on cars, trucks and buses. PROPERTIES Safe for the user, it does not contain compounds classified as harmful / irritating, etc. It does not contain aromatic, chlorinated solvents, benzol, etc. Does not contain halogenated hydrocarbons. The spray pack does not contain CFC propellants regulated by DL 549/93 HOW TO USE With the engine running and after shaking the cylinder, place it on the passenger side of the car. Turn on the air conditioner in the recycling position and press the dispenser button, which, opening, release the product automatically and finely in about 2 minutes, distributing the active ingredients contained with effective penetrating action and leaving a pleasant fresh fragrance. Leave to act for a few seconds, then air the cockpit for about 5 minutes.

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