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ROTHEN 2000 / P SPECIAL 0,25 Lt. can

Anti-friction, extra-thick adhesive and stringy additive with strong adhesive power and characterized by strong EP and proprietary and anti-friction properties.



Viscous lubricant with high adhesive and anti-friction power


ROTHEN 2000 / P SPECIAL is a viscous lubricant with strong adhesive power, also characterized by strong anti-wear and anti-friction properties. Due to its constitutive characteristics, it can be used both pure and as an additive. The presence of the LCC (Load Carrying Capacity) system enhances the ability to support the load in severe lubrication conditions (high temperatures and high loads), such as those typical of limit lubrication.
The formulation does not contain chlorine, is free from dust or inorganic compounds in dispersion and is completely soluble in the most common lubricating bases (polyglycols excluded).


The product can be used pure or as an additive. In the first case it is recommended to replace fluid greases for the lubrication of uncovered systems such as: chains, ropes, gears, rails (rail rim rims).
It can also be used in conveyor and lifting devices (augers, conveyors, tool holder devices, elevators, escalators), guides and large slides, compression or torsion head. As an additive it can be added to the lubricant in operation that does not ensure the required EP / anti-friction performance, either due to insufficient additivation or due to the progressive impoverishment of the original one.

It is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • lower performance due to excessive and / or premature wear;
  • prolonging the life of the lubricant;
  • excessive noise of lubricated organs.


If it is used as a lubricant for chains and wire ropes, it is advisable to dilute it with an appropriate hydrocarbon solvent that favors its penetration. If used as an additive, it must be added directly to the lubricant in use by 20125%. ROTHEN 2000 / P SPECIAL is compatible with both mineral-based and synthetic lubricants (excluding polyglycols).


High adhesiveness:

Reduction in oil consumption and longer lubrication and maintenance intervals. It maintains a protective lubricating layer even at high temperatures (100 1 120 ° C). Reduces any losses. Reduces the noise of moving mechanical parts.

Ability to support the load:

ROTHEN 2000 / P SPECIAL thanks to the LCC (Load Carrying Capacity) system gives the lubricant to which is added the ability to form a tough protective layer that prevents contact between the roughness of the metal surfaces involved in the relative movement, even in the most severe regimes of lubrication.

Strong EP and anti-friction features:

Less heat dissipation with consequent lower increase in oil operating temperature, which translates into a slowing down of oxidative degradation processes.

This leads to:

  • longer life of the oil;
  • net energy savings.

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