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Additive to restore hydraulic oils in service after a state of use analysis



Additive for hydraulic oils


ROTHEN COBER is a specific additive for the treatment of hydraulic oils and lubricants for hydraulic or oil-pressure transmissions. It has been specially designed to be compatible with all types of lubricants currently on the market, both with mineral-based ones and with those obtained from chemical syntheses. It also ensures its action thanks to the synergies of the Global Protection Shield system, a well-balanced concentrate of antioxidant, anti-wear and detergent additives with an effective friction modifier. The presence of high shear stability polymer gives the product a high viscosity index. The formulation is free from powders and inorganic compounds in dispersion and is completely soluble in the most common lubricating bases.


ROTHEN COBER can be used as a multifunctional additive particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • Lowering of performance caused by excessive and / or premature wear;
  • High noise level of the lubricated parts;
  • Deterioration of the characteristics of the lubricant in service for a long time.


ROTHEN COBER is compatible with both mineral-based and synthetic lubricants (excluding polyglycols).
The product must be added directly to the lubricant in use at 15-25%.


Friction modifier activity

The marked polarity of the Global Protection Shield system increases the resistance of the oil film, significantly contributing to reducing internal friction. It also helps to avoid harmful micro-welding and seizures between metal surfaces in relative motion. The ability to reduce friction determines a lower heat dissipation and, consequently, a lower increase in oil temperature, ensuring better engine performance and significant energy savings for the same power output.

Anti-wear properties

ROTHEN COBER reinstates the ability of the oil to interact with metal surfaces through chemical-physical processes, giving rise to the formation of a protective layer that reduces roughness and ensures conservation of the oil film even in extreme lubrication conditions. It is thus able to fight the different types of wear such as: fatigue, corrosive and abrasive.

Antioxidant power

It renews the lubricant's ability to block oxidation processes that would cause its irreversible degradation with loss of fundamental performance. It inhibits the formation of free radicals which, through a chain reaction, would lead to the formation of acid species (chemical wear) and to high viscosity condensation products (worsening of the rheological characteristics at low temperature).

Treatment with ROTHEN COBER allows you to reap the following benefits:

  • reduce the negative effects of water formed in the hydraulic system, both as a result of condensation and contamination by cutting fluids, by emulsifying it;
  • prevent breakages and malfunctions of hydraulic systems caused by residues and deposits of various kinds (eg carbonaceous);
  • extend the service life of a hydraulic oil by replenishing its antioxidant and anti-wear characteristics.

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