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Bardahl - XTC C 60 10W40 1 L Liter Synthetic Auto Motor Oil - New Fomula

BARDAHL XTC C60 SAE 10W40 Auto Oil Lubricants Diesel Engine 1 LT

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Meets the demands of most manufacturers. For cars not equipped with DPF or FAP.

Product Plus:

  • Superior wear control
  • Greater longevity and cleanliness for all engine components
  • Easy starting and immediate low temperature lubrication

Properties and technology of the XTC c60 Premium Performance range

Performance and passion.
XTC c60 contains in itself a concentrated presence of Bardahl technology (Polar Plus and Fullerene c60) able to offer high performance in terms of power, anti-friction capacity to all those looking for superior performance linked to a sporty use of their vehicle. and anti-wear.

The exclusive anti-friction formula Bardahl Polar Plus + Fullerene forms a triple layer of protection: a surface lubricant film, an area of Polar Molecules plus Fullerene C60 molecules as a final protection mechanism. Bardahl ensures significantly higher performance than conventional lubricants.

Performance Level
MB 229.3 / VW 502.00-505.00 / Renault RN0700
SAE 10W-40

New product
1 kg
Data sheet
Tipo Lubrifciante
Semi-synthetic motor oil
Best price
Auto Lubricant

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