Buy Shell Rimula R6 M 10W40 E7 228.5 20 liter bucket auto parts shop online at best price
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Shell Rimula R6 M 10W40 E7 228.5 20 liter bucket

Excellent protection against acid corrosion, deposits and wear


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Whether operating in high or low temperatures, humidity, dust, or in the event of prolonged operation, what matters is knowing that the oil will protect the engine under any circumstances.

Shell Rimula Energized Protection oils for heavy-duty diesel engines work incessantly in three critical areas:

  1. Acid Control: Proven performance additives protect against corrosion caused by acids formed by fuel combustion.
  2. Deposit control: keep the engine clean for consistent performance and long life.
  3. Wear check: keep the metal surfaces in motion of the motor separate for a longer life.

Shell Rimula R6 M

Ideal choice for fleet managers who want to keep maintenance costs under control, Shell Rimula R6 M represents a unique solution for many vehicle brands and engine technologies, including Euro 2, 3 and some Euro 4 engines. It also allows save on fuel consumption compared to conventional SAE 15W-40 oils.

Protective efficacy
Shell Rimula R6 M offers excellent protection against acid corrosion, deposits and wear, extending the oil change interval and obtaining approval from the major engine manufacturers.

Better activation of additives
The use of synthetic formulation oils combined with a special additive technology can enhance the effectiveness of the main components present in the additive systems for engine oils. Shell Rimula R6 M uses this combination of additives which further enhances the performance of the engine oil formulation. In particular, the laboratory simulations show an increase of up to 30% in the effectiveness against oxidation and a clearly better control on the thickening caused by the soot.

Why use Shell Rimula R6 M?
Shell Rimula R6 M is recommended for road transport and is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications in the transport vehicle sector using modern low-emission engines produced by Mercedes-Benz and MAN.

In addition, Shell Rimula R6 M meets or exceeds the performance requirements of other European manufacturers, such as Volvo, Renault, Scania and Iveco, as well as Cummins, Mack and numerous types of Japanese engines. Not recommended for Caterpillar engines.

For greater performance and protection of the latest low-emission engines, especially those equipped with a particulate filter (DPF), we recommend the use of our advanced low-emission products: Shell Rimula R6 LM or LME.

Specifications and approvals  
SAE viscosity grade: 10W-40
API: CF; ACEA: E7, E4; Cummins: CES 20072; Deutz: DQC IV-05; Mack: EO-M +; MAN: M3277;
MB approval: 228.5; MTU: Category 3; Renault Trucks: RXD; Scania: LDF-2, LDF-3; Volvo: VDS-3.

In the Technical Data Sheet

Tipo Lubrifciante
Semi-synthetic motor oil

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