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Shell Tonna S3 M 68 20 liter bucket

The Shell Tonna range of guide oils has been specifically developed for the lubrication of guides, tables and feeding devices of machine tools. Thanks to excellent protection against wear and corrosion, Shell Tonna oils guarantee superior protection and efficiency of the system and equipment.

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Shell Tonna S3 M are specially formulated for the lubrication of guides, tables and feeding mechanisms of machine tools. The improved adhesion and anti-stick-slip characteristics are combined to ensure superior sliding performance in the slide guides. They are especially recommended in cases where high precision and low speed machines are used as well as in combined lubrication systems.

Other information

Guide slides, tables and feeding mechanisms of machine tools Suitable for use with a wide range of materials used for the surfaces of guide-slides of machine tools, including cast iron and synthetic materials.
• Hydraulic systems of machine tools Particularly recommended for machines that have a hydraulic lubrication system and combined slide-guides.
• Gearboxes and spindles of machine tools It is also suitable for the lubrication of gears and heads.
The lower viscosity grades are indicated for the lubrication of horizontal slides (Shell Tonna S3 M 32 or 68). For vertical slides use Shell Tonna S3 M 220.

Specifications and Approvals

Shell Tonna S3 M meet the following specifications:
-ISO 11158 / ISO 6743-4 HM and HG,
-ISO 12925-1 / ISO 6743-6 CKC
-ISO 19378 / ISO 6743-13 GA and GB
-Cincinnati Machine P-50 (ISO 220), P-47 (ISO 68)

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