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Shell Turbo T 68 20 liter bucket

Oil for industrial steam and gas turbines, for light uses, designed to ensure performance and protection.



Shell Turbo T has been formulated with good antioxidant properties to provide reliable levels of performance and protection. Meets the requirements of industrial steam and gas turbine oils for light uses that do not

require advanced gear wear performance. Shell Turbo T has proven features and offers high resistance to foaming, rapid air release, good water separation and corrosion protection

Every component of your machine has been carefully designed, so choose a lubricant specifically designed to guarantee it

adequate protection and efficiency of operation. The Shell Turbo range of turbine oils has been developed to allow machine users to choose an oil that guarantees the best result

economic from their operations thanks to:

■ wear protection,

■ long oil life,

■ system efficiency.

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