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Shell Morlina S2 B 220 20 liter bucket

Bearing oils and circulation systems designed to meet challenges


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Industrial lubricants for bearings & circulation


Shell Morlina S2 B are high performance oils formulated for exceptional protection from oxidation and water separation in most industrial applications on bearings and circulation systems, particularly in other industrial applications where oils with extreme pressure properties are not required ( EP). These oils meet the requirements of Morgan Construction Company and Danieli for standard bearing oils.

Other information

• Long oil life - Maintenance savings Shell Morlina S2 B are formulated with a package
tested for rust and oxidation inhibitor additives that helps maintain safe performance and protection between maintenance intervals.
• Reliable wear & corrosion protection Shell Morlina S2 B help extend the life of bearings and circulation systems through:
- excellent water separation characteristics that ensure the maintenance of the critical oil film between highly loaded surfaces;
- good air release characteristics to minimize cavitation and related damage to circulation pumps;
- protection against corrosion, oxidation, and emulsion formation, even in the presence of water.
• Maintaining the efficiency of the system Shell Morlina S2 B are formulated with high quality solvent-based base oils that allow good water separation and air release to ensure efficient lubrication of the machines and systems. Shell Morlina S2 B meet the requirements of:
- Morgan "Morgoil®" Lubricant
Specification New Oil (Rev. 1.1)
- Danieli Standard Oil 6.124249F
- DIN 51517-1 - type C
- DIN 51517-2 - type CL

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