Buy Shell SpiraxS6 GVME 75W-80 20 liter bucket auto parts shop online at best price
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Shell SpiraxS6 GVME 75W-80 20 liter bucket

High quality synthetic lubricant with Fuel Economy properties for transmissions and manual transmissions.


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Spirax S6 GXME 75W-80 is a fully synthetic high performance lubricant for latest generation manual gearboxes. The exclusive Shell technology guarantees exceptional anti-wear performance, even higher “Fuel Economy” properties, low operating temperatures and long service life of the transmission.

Other information

Manual transmissions
Manual synchronized gearboxes, including gearboxes with integrated retarder, and transmissions that work at high temperatures and medium loads requiring an API GL-4 type lubricant
Specifications and Approvals
API GL-4, MT-1
MAN 341 Typ E4
Volvo Transmission Oil 97307
It also meets the requirements:

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