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Shell Spirax S3 T 20 liter bucket

Super Tractor Oil Universal SAE 15W40 of superior quality



Shell Spirax S3 T Oil is an agricultural lubricant of the STOU type (Super Tractor Oil Universal) designed for use on modern agricultural machinery. Spirax S3 T is formulated with high viscosity index bases and advanced conception additives that provide high performance in a vast field of agricultural applications.

Other information

  • Universal services
  • Usable in many transmissions and hydraulic systems of agricultural machines.
  • brakes in an oil bath
  • tractor power take-offs
  • hydraulic systems
  • power steering
  • hydrostatic transmissions
  • conventional guide boxes

Specifications and Approvals:
API - CF / SF GL-4
Massey-Ferguson - M1139 / M1144
John Deere - JDM J27
Caterpillar - CAT TO2
ZF - TE-ML 06B, 06Q,

Technical data sheet in the Annex

New product
20 lb

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