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Shell Spirax S2 A 80W-90 1 liter can

GL-5 oil for axles, with good oxidation stability, long life

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Quality GL-5 axial lubricant Spirax S2 A 80W-90 is formulated for the lubrication of transmissions and hypoid differentials working in extreme conditions.


- High performance additives The use of special additives gives Shell Spirax S2 A 80W-90 good anti-wear, anti-corrosion and oxidation stability performance.
- High quality base oils The quality of base oils allows temperatures to be maintained within the design range, minimizing oxidation and maintaining an oil film between the gears

Other information


  • Transmissions and differentials
  • Gears very loaded with modern technology used in stationary and auxiliary means
  • Hypoid type differentials
  • Motorcycle gear units separated by motor

Other types of transmissions operating in conditions of:

  • high speed / shock loads
  • high speed / low torque
  • low speed / high torque

Specifications and Approvals

  • API GL-5

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