Buy Shell Advance 4T Ult Scoot 5W-40- 209 liter drum auto parts shop online at best price
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Shell Advance 4T Ult Scoot 5W-40- 209 liter drum

Scooter Oil / Motorbike - Fully Totally Synthetic


Shell Advance Scooter Oil 4 SAE 5W40 Lt. 1- Professional Totally Synthetic

Product Features

Shell Advance Advance Scooter 4 is a special semi-synthetic lubricant developed exclusively for scooters and fast 4-stroke motorcycles, its carefully balanced formulation provides maximum engine protection in all types of scooters and motorcycles and in all operating conditions . The product exceeds the requirements of the most important scooter and motorcycle manufacturers, thanks to its particular formulation, the product guarantees longer engine life and maintains their performance at the highest levels.

Performance Level

  • exceeds international specifications (API - SG and JASO MB).
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