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Shell Gadus S5 T100 2 Bucket 18 kg.

High technology multifunctional grease


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Shell Gadus S5 T100 is a high-tech grease intended to provide optimum performance in the lubrication of industrial bearings. It is formulated with a synthetic base oil and with a special diurea thickener to provide long service life, low wear and stability at high temperatures.

Other information

Shell Gadus S5 T100 is particularly recommended for the lubrication of low-loaded bearings operating at high temperatures, up to 180 ° C. It is also suggested where long operational durations and extended relubrication intervals are required
Long durations at high temperatures
Excellent wear protection
Excellent mechanical stability at high temperatures
Excellent oxidation resistance
Low oil separation
Excellent corrosion resistance
Ensures corrosion protection for all elements
Water resistance
Resist washout avoiding loss of protection

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