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Shell Gadus S3 V1000 A 2 Drum 180 kg.

High quality multifunctional grease for heavily loaded bearings at low speed

VAT included


Shell Gadus S3 V1000A are greases with lithium calcium thickener, high viscosity mineral base oil containing antioxidants, rust inhibitors, EP and anti-wear additives. The grease has excellent adhesion, washout resistance, great load capacity and mechanical stability even in the presence of water or emulsions

Other information

Shell Gadus S3 V1000A has been developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded bearings
at low speed and in the presence of large quantities of water both in flow and atomised.
• Continuous casting machines, intermediate supports, and tandem train working cylinder bearings,
Pellegrino roughers and pitchers. Shell Gadus S3 V1000A 2 is suitable for rollers in the presence of heat
instead Shell Gadus S3 V1000A 1 is more suitable for continuous casting bearings where the temperature is
lower than + 140 ° C.
• Bearings heavily loaded and running at low speed Bearings and bushings heavily loaded and in
low speed presence.

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