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Shell Gadus S3 Repair 180 kg drum.

High performance grease for the break-in of open gears with solid lubricants


Shell Gadus S3 Repair is a high performance grease based on complex aluminum and semi-synthetic mineral oil for running open gears, it can be applied with spray systems and contains micronized graphite as a solid lubricant. The product has been formulated in such a way as to obtain controlled wear of the teeth in order to improve its roughness both on new and worn gears.

Other information

Shell Gadus S3 Repair not only reduces the roughness of the first toothing surfaces
once but it improves, with a cleaning and correction effect on the sides of the already used teeth
allowing a longer duration.
The product can also be used in cases where there is a slight damage to the teeth in the loading area, thus increasing the contact area.
Higher break-in capacities
The advanced formulation of Shell Gadus S3 Repair allows controlled wear through a process of
chemical reaction in areas subjected to high load thus obtaining the maximum distribution of the load in the coupling between pinion and crown wheel.
Periodic lapping of toothing profiles
It is considered a good maintenance rule to apply a 180 kg drum once a year or every 6000 hours of operation. of Gadus S3 Repair so that the incipient micro-pitting or micro-wear phenomena are removed
naturally not visible to the naked eye) before they increase in size and can cause, in the long term, phenomena of irreversible damage.

Approved by leading gear manufacturers

Ferry Capitain, one of the largest open gear manufacturers has approved Shell Gadus S3 Repair grease.

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