Shell Hydraulic S1 M 68 Drum 209 liters
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Shell Hydraulic S1 M 68 209 liter drum

Fluido idraulico industriale

Shell Hydraulic S1 M 32/46/68 sono fluidi idraulici antiusura di qualità che assicurano una protezione affidabile e prestazioni con un rapporto prezzo/qualità conveniente nella maggioranza delle applicazioni industriali e mobili.

·  ISO 11158 HM Fluid

·  DIN 51524-2 HLP

VAT included

Performance benefits Shell Hydraulic S1 M guarantee a solution with a convenient price / quality ratio for moderately severe applications where superior performance is not required, typical of high-end products.


• Hydraulic systems - General use Recommended for applications operating in normal or medium stress conditions with moderate temperature changes and filtration requirements.

• Static systems of outdated design A solution with an affordable quality / price ratio where leaks are a problem, Shell Hydraulic S1 M offer good general basic protection and performance.

• Other applications Recommended as lubricants for general use where a normal mineral oil with anti-corrosive and anti-oxidant properties is required.

For more severe and specialized applications the Shell Tellus range guarantees superior performance for systems with high fluid stress, ultra-fine filtration and sophisticated control valves.

Specifications and Approvals

Shell Hydraulic S1 M have been formulated to meet the requirements of:

• ISO 11158 (HM fluids).

Health & Safety

Indications on Health and Safety are available in the relevant Safety Data Sheet, available through your Shell representative.


Shell Hydraulic S1 M are recommended for use in most hydraulic pumps. However, consult your Vs. Shell representative before using them on pumps with silver-based components. Compatibility with fluids

Shell Hydraulic S1 M are compatible with most mineral based hydraulic fluids. However mineral-based hydraulic fluids should not be mixed with other types of fluids (eg biodegradable or fire-resistant fluids).

Compatibility with Seals and Varnishes

Shell Hydraulic S1 M are compatible with sealing materials and paints normally approved for use with mineral oils.

We protect the environment

Deliver used fluid to an authorized Collection Point. Do not discharge into sewer, soil or water. Tips

Suggestions on applications not covered by this can be obtained from your Shell representative.

In the Technical Data Sheet

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